Wine Fundraising

Fundraising for your school, charity, not for profit organisation or club can be tough but not with Windrose Wines; raising funds through wine sales is a proven win-win situation for all parties.

As a majority of households buy and consume wine regularly. Why not offer them the opportunity to purchase a quality wine that is uniquely labelled for your fundraiser and organisation to donate directly to your cause.

Equally so, your organisation will not incur any cost to do so.

Simply give the team at Windrose Wines a call or send us an email to begin your fundraising. We prefer to have a hands-on relationship with all our fundraisers.

The process involves our team working with you to:

  • 1Identify the right wine for your contributors. We talk price, wine selection, and add a profit margin for you.
  • 2Identify the design, logo and imagery that appeals to your contributors to maximise orders. We have multiple designs also available.
  • 3Issue order forms: publicise this terrific opportunity and wait for the interest to roll in.
  • 4Collect the order forms and check payment options and other details.
  • 5Return all order forms and other information to Windrose Wines.
  • 6Allow us up to two weeks to process payments and to prepare all your contributors' orders.

Don’t worry if your fundraising group is not large, the dollar-for-dollar return on specialised wine sales is a proven earner that can outperform almost any other single fundraising initiative.

Should you wish to find out more or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.