Humans are fundamentally social and community minded. It’s something we crave even after COVID. Part of this sociality is the act of giving and sharing, whether food, knowledge or gifts. Humanity is inherently generous.

Charles Darwin sailed the world to look at the many forms of nature and life. He once commented, “communities, which included the greatest number of the most sympathetic members, would flourish best”.

He was essentially saying that our generosity is an essential reason our species continues to grow and thrive. If we were mostly selfish, our refusal to share with each other means we possibly would have become extinct a long time ago.

At Windrose, we believe that the rippling effect of giving goes further than the gifts you order. Each time you buy a product or service, a contribution is made to The Equanimity Project, a charity that focuses on reducing homelessness and domestic abuse for women.

Women make the decisions for the majority of purchases within a household, or often gift-giving. So, this is a great way to support women, especially where their lives have been affected by abuse or lack of financial stability. Find out more about The Equanimity Project by clicking on their logo