Windrose Wines

  • Does your wines contain sulfites?

    The term "contains sulfites" refers to the use of sulfur dioxide (SO2) employed as both a preservative in winemaking. SO2 is added in very low concentrations and without it the stability of wine could be jeopardized. It is virtually impossible to have SO2 free wine, as this naturally occurring chemical is one of the by-products of fermentation, including that which takes place in the making of bread and fruit juice.

  • What is your best wine?

    There is no single answer for such a subjective question

  • When should I drink my wine?

    If properly stored, in a cool, dry place at a slight angle neck down just enough so the wine is touching the cork, some wines may keep longer. If you purchase wine with the intent of cellaring it, be sure to taste it periodically to see if it is improving to your satisfaction…